I am an award-winning artist and my works hang in private residences, community hospitals, businesses and restaurants across the U.S. and also abroad. My theory is have fun, remove the fear of failure, experiment, and let the child inside of you play.

We are back on the road fulltime RVing.  I am still available for commissions and classes if I am in you area.

the act of considering something as a general quality or characteristic, apart from concrete realities or specific objects; something visionary and unrealistic; the abstract qualities or characteristics of a work of art. 

Very often my work begins with a heavily textured, boldly painted surface. My next step is to work within design principles, adding color, texture, pattern and line allowing the canvas to speak to me. The result is that my paintings are often eclectic, covering a wide range of subjects but cohesive because of color, bold marks, and movement. 

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Sharon Welch, Artist  
Native American Art, Mixed Media Paintings, Abstract Art 
To visit Sharon Welch Gallery is not so much to enjoy art as to be in art. Her take on life is reflected in her studio and work... joy, exuberance, creativity and optimism. ...
Not just a galleria...
 a passport from the mundane. 
Your guide is waiting.