"I strive to take the ordinary and create something totally unique."

I'm so glad to introduce myself to you and to give you a glimpse into my world.

I have a great love affair with life.  My paintings reflect my joie de vivre with bold strokes of color and movement.  I paint a wide variety of subjectsusing different mediums including watercolor, acrylic, pastel, pen and pencil, and mixed media.

"I love the creative process; just getting my hands into the paint, watching the colors explode onto a blank canvas is wonderful!"

Enjoy your visit.
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Sharon Welch, Artist  
Native American Art, Mixed Media Paintings, Abstract Art 
To visit Sharon Welch Gallery is not so much to enjoy art as to be in art. Her take on life is reflected in her studio and work... joy, exuberance, creativity and optimism. ...
Not just a galleria...
 a passport from the mundane. 
Your guide is waiting.