Sharon Welch, Artist    
Native American Art, Mixed Media Paintings, Abstract Art 
It is not necessarily WHAT object you paint, 
but HOW you paint them.
Remove the FEAR OF FAILURE from your thoughts.
Birthday Parties 
$25 Per Child
Minimum 6
Maximum 10
All Supplies Included

A Night Out 
(or Morning, or Afternoon – Your Choice)
Designed Specifically for You and Your Friends.

What is the color of friendship, the hue of memory, the intensity of a shared experience
...come together for the memories, the laughter and the art.

 $50 plus tax per Person 
(All Art Supplies Included)
Class Size Limited to 8 with a Minimum of 4 

Sharon Welch is an Original. 
To visit Sharon Welch Gallery is not so much to enjoy art as to be in art. Her take on life is reflected in her studio and work... joy, exuberance, creativity and optimism. 
Need a passport from the mundane? Take a class with Sharon and release your inner masterpiece...come on ...take a walk on the "Art Side" your guide is waiting.
I am back in Pierre and
ready to teach classes.
Contact me.

Wild Child
Ages 8 - 11

Teen Class
Middle School and Older

Little DaVincis
Preschool to 7 Years Old Children's Class
  Introduce your child to the wonderful world of art. 
An adult will need to stay with your child. 
All supplies are included.